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***Currently only providing teletherapy***

We provide individual therapy to adults in North Carolina.  Whether you are experiencing challenges with anxiety, dealing with conflict in a close relationship, adjusting to the changes from the ongoing pandemic, or trying to better understand your sexual orientation or gender identity, we offer robust services that will address your needs and challenges.  


Treatment specializations include:

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Substance use treatment


Trauma-informed therapy

Population specializations include:

Native American/American Indian individuals

LGBTQI individuals

Older Adults/Geriatric individuals

Personality Disorders - Borderline Personality Disorder

Chronic medical conditions that are not entirely recognized or understood by Western medicine

In addition to individual therapy, group sessions are offered from time to time.  Group sessions address topics ranging from relationship challenges to managing wellness to improving coping skills.  Please check back for announcements related to group sessions.

Considering the current changes concerning the on-going pandemic, Compass Counseling Services, PLLC is currently providing only teletherapy services.     

Extensively trained in substance use treatment, we will work along side you in addressing any concerns related to substance use.  Drawing upon Motivational Interviewing therapy, as well as other evidenced based therapy, Compass Counseling Services, PLLC provides individual and group substance use treatment.  

As a member of the LGBTI community, it was important to ensure that Compass Counseling Services, PLLC provided affirming services to other members of this community.  We offer affirming therapy, which recognizes the unique challenges that our communities face.  We provide support to individuals  where we extend the dignity and respect everyone deserves regardless of where they fall along the sexual orientation and gender identity spectrums.  

Affirming Support

Compass Counseling Services, PLLC offers members of minority communities affirming and culturally competent services, recognizing the challenges that members of these communities face on a daily basis.  We acknowledge the institutional racism that exists in our culture and work with our clients to address the impact of those challenges and barriers.

Compass Counseling Services, PLLC

Serving residents in North Carolina

Phone - 919.807.1453

Fax - 919.825.1797

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