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About Us

About Compass Counseling Services, PLLC

Mission Statement:

To promote mental health wellness by providing compassionate, client-centered care to individuals experiencing challenges with mental health and substance use symptoms in North Carolina.  Our focus is on providing support, guidance, and tools that can be used in managing and maintaining your wellness.  


Core Values:

In every situation, Compass Counseling Services, PLLC relies upon the following core values to guide our work:


Recovery - This model of clinical work focuses on everyone’s ability to improve their mental health wellness.  Additionally, the most effective way to practice the Recovery Model is by honoring a person’s ability to determine what is the most appropriate path and providing non-judgmental support along the journey.  Through the use of the Recovery Model, we instill hope and empowerment individuals as they seek to improve their lives.


Affirmation - Regardless of the communities that we belong to, Compass Counseling Services, PLLC provides affirming services that honor your identity, your choices, and the communities to which you belong.     

Holistic - As we continue to learn more about the mind and body connection, Compass Counseling Services, PLLC continues to incorporate holistic, integrative services.  Our aim is to address each individual comprehensively and engage with other service providers to ensure the highest quality of services and care.  Not only do we focus on the whole individual, but we also place emphasis on the eco-therapy model which involves incorporating our environment into our wellness management.

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About Clinical Staff

Katie Crisp, MSW, LCSW, LCAS

Originally from North Carolina, I completed both undergraduate and graduate degrees in North Carolina.  While in school I completed a field placement in a domestic violence/sexual assault services agency, where I worked with clients in addressing the emotional, physical, and financial impacts of their experiences.  Additionally, I also completed an internship with a longitudinal epidemiological study during graduate school in the mountains of North Carolina.  


After completing my education, I began working in an outpatient mental health and substance use services agency in the North Carolina mountains, before moving to the Triangle area.  After accepting a position in an inpatient psychiatric hospital and residential substance use treatment program, I began working on establishing a private practice.  Although I often draw from an eclectic bag of treatment modalities, I often look to Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and trauma-informed care when working with clients.  A central tenant of my practice is the belief that clients are the best informed person when it comes to knowing what works best for them and I rely heavily on a collaborative framework when engaging with clients.  

Compass Counseling Services, PLLC

Serving residents in North Carolina

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